SubShots FAQs

1. How can I get the picture I want to print off my mobile device?
If your pictures don't sync to your computer in some way, the easiest way is to order directly from your mobile device via our website. Our site is mobile friendly so it will allow you to pick and preview a picture stored in your mobile device photos. The other option is to email yourself your pictures and then save your pictures to your hard drive and then order from your computer. Just make sure to email the pictures from your phone in the original size so you don't lose picture quality.

2. How can I get the picture I want to print from Mac Photos or similar photo management program on my computer?
Most photo management programs on computers have an export function that allow you to drag and drop or save a picture to a chosen place on your computer's hard drive such as your desktop. Make sure to export the original image with the highest resolution possible.

3. What are the SubShot's picture resolution requirements?
For best results, please upload an original high resolution digital picture. It's best not to upload pictures from Facebook or similar sites that may convert the picture to a lower resolution. If you include a picture with inadequate resolution we will reach out to you for a picture with a higher resolution.

4. What are the SubShot's picture aspect ratio requirements?
We require a photo in the same aspect ratio as the size you choose for your SubShot. If your picture's aspect ratio is different we will crop the picture in the best way possible to achieve the necessary aspect ratio.

5. What are the SubShot's picture size requirements?
The most important thing is that you send us an original picture file with the highest resolution possible in the same aspect ratio as you choose for your SubShot. We will then resize it to fit your SubShot size. Since many types of SubShots prints are printed on the entire surface of the chosen material we often require at least .25" extra bleed around the edge of the photo to make sure there is full coverage. For instance if you order a 12" by 18" SubShot, we will print your picture at 12.50" by 18.50". If you prefer to size your own photos, make sure to include the extra bleed that we need.
6. Is Dye Sublimation environmentally friendly?
It sure is. Dye sublimation produces minimal relative waste. In addition, since the dye never becomes liquid it is much less likely to get into the water system which happens with many other printing processes such as screen printing.