About Us

In October of 2012, we started under the name Force 5 Lacrosse based in Darien, CT. Force 5 primarily distributed lacrosse uniforms and apparel products. Force 5 also provided lacrosse instruction via private lessons and summer camps. Force 5 was a profitable business centered around providing premium products and unmatched customer service. We were also introduced to many different printing technologies via our apparel suppliers including Dye Sublimation that would prove important to our future.

In 2017, in order to diversify, we rebranded to the company to Dye Hard and launched this website SubShots.com and our HD Metal Print product. This included investing in dye sublimation, direct to garment and laser engraving equipment and leasing the necessary manufacturing space in Norwalk, CT to produce our own high end print products.

In 2022, we moved our administration office to Darien, CT and our production to Bridgeport, CT.

Rest assured, throughout this growth and change, the goal has stayed the same.  We are committed to providing the best print products and customer service in the industry.