SubShots offers high end photographic prints. SubShots products include high quality Dye Sublimated Metal Prints as well as Wood Prints, Inkjet Prints on many quality paper types and fathead like Cutout Prints/Wall Decals. We also provides fabric sublimation including athletic uniforms and tee shirts.  We pride ourselves on creating quality products and providing unmatched service to our customers. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction.

Dye Sublimation is environmentally friendly relative to other printing technologies. Dye Hard Sublimation is based and performs all manufacturing in Norwalk, CT. We source all the raw materials for our products IN THE USA.

Contact Us if you are a photographer or painter and want to get your works reproduced on a metal or wood print. We thank our partners for offering their work at an affordable price.

Below is more information on our very popular HD Metal Print

High-Definition Metal print

Experience the Wonders of a High Definition Metal Print in a way that’s never been seen before. A way so Mesmerising, metal photos capture your best cherished memories in an ultra-realistic manner with sharper details, richer colors saturation and enhanced vigour. The high-definition color, shine and gloss with a vivid finish will make it impossible to keep your eyes off your print.

This is something way better than the original photo, paper or any other media. Let's experience the positive impression - Transform your desired photos into an eye-catching piece of high-end wall displays, heirloom album with Subshot's Metal Print.

Timeless Durability Because Your Photos Deserve Better

Metal Prints are far more durable than the conventional paper or canvas prints. It’s waterproof and stains and scratch resistant. We offer in a glossy finish, and designed to perfectly stand alone on a shelf or tabletop. Since your satisfaction is our priority, we guarantee that your photos will never crack, or fade, or get damaged by any adhesives or lose their radiant opulence. In other words, we ensure that the dramatic light capture and every tiny details on your metal print stays Eternal.

Metal Prints - A Symbol Of Sophistication

Metal prints are spectacular and captivating for any favorite moment you desire to preserve.  Capture those precious memories into a glossy metal print that will instantly compliment your space with those refreshing memoirs.

Hang them on home or barebones warehouse office or even on your aged renovated brick building and they will instantly change the mood and ambience of the room. Or pair them with personally preferred decor - modern, conventional, modest or even Victorian designs for that favorite look. You can also prefer to prop it on a side table or shelf for a stylish yet effortless and graceful look. They are beautiful in every way!

Why to Choose Metal Printing

Why Choose Metal Printing?
Metal prints last happily forever without fading. They offer the best-quality photo print media available. Considering their impressive durability, they're surprisingly affordable. They come in both glossy and matte finishes. The look and feel of metal prints make them perfect for decorating a minimalist space or complimenting a modern design. There are many hanging options, and you won't need any extra photo-surface protection. Metal printing images are brighter and shinier than other media, which keep the memory as vivid and colorful as the moment it was captured.

Quality Comes First

When it comes to printing quality, our professionals and equipment leave no stone unturned to create the highest quality metal prints. We ensure our quality is outstanding and the presentation is incredible.

Best Available Alternative

Metal prints are the best alternative option among other available media if you desire to preserve your photo for a prolonged period of time. Besides incredible durability, It is easy to don't have to worry about dust or fingerprints on them. A glossy, waterproof finish makes cleaning stuff super easy.

What SubShots has to Offer

Wide range of Print Sizes

You can choose from a large variety of metal print sizes. The following metal photo size dimensions are available:

8'' x 10'', 11" x 14", 16" x 20", 20" x 24", 20" x 30", 24" x 36", 30" x 40", 36" x 48", 42" x 63"

If you have different size in your mind, feel free to contact and give us the dimensions and we’ll custom print it.

Eco Friendly

Dye Sublimation inks are non-toxic water based inks. During sublimation they do not turn to liquid; they go directly to gas. There is no run off.

Scratch Resistant

Dyes are infused into a special metal coating through sublimation. This makes it more durable than traditional paper and canvas imaging because it can’t be scratched or peeled off the surface.

Wipeable Artwork

No need to worry about fingerprints or blemishes. A microfiber cloth and household cleaner can be used to clean these prints. Perfect for public spaces and other high traffic areas.

Light Weight

Though extremely rigid and durable, the 90% recycled aluminum is light weight and easy to hang. A 40x60" panel with a aluminum float backing weighs approx. 13lbs.

Made in the USA

All raw materials are sourced domestically and SubShots prints are manufactured in the United States of America.